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That Canadian Coaster Guy

July 19, 2018

A Face Behind The Coaster


Pleased to have finally chatted again with one of The Coaster guys Lance Rosen.


Firstly, I shamefully call his podcast "The Catholic Coaster" so it's a wonder he'll still call me a friend following this. 


Lance opens up about his faith life and many of his experiences that have helped shape his current ministry. 


We chat about conversion, God's mercy, forgiveness, and touch briefly upon his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. He surely had me laughing quite a bit. 


Certainly looking forward to someday getting Alisha and Dan on the show for a little personal chat too!!! 


Sidenote: This is obviously posted following The Coaster's interview with The Frank Friar, which will make sense by the end :)


Happy Listening!!




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