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Writing As Witness And More...

October 6, 2017




Arleen Spenceley stopped by to share about how her book Chastity Is for Lovers came to be and a whole lot more about her faith life, love life, and growing to love silence with the Lord.


Chatting with Arleen was truly like a coffee date with a long lost friend and I am so grateful to her for her willingness to be vulnerable in sharing so openly and beautifully.


The two of us tackle various topics including the dangers of a social media obsessed culture, the need for more silence, why I am an anti-screen mama, and seeking God's will.


Thank you for is more about Arleen below and where to find her


(click on image for more about her book---including where to purchase) is a selfie of Arleen, because she is radiant in them, as mentioned in the beginning of the interview :)




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