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A Sharing From Solitude

August 23, 2017


So thankful to have been given the opportunity to chat a bit more with Fr. Isaac , a Canadian living at the Abbey of The Genesee. (Please be patient with the audio quality as we had some connection issues!! Fr.Isaac's content is well worth enduring a bit of white noise though :)


Fr, Isaac is a Trappist monk. He beautifully shares his journey to becoming Catholic and then answering the call to religious life. 


From waking up at 2am for Vigils, to all that unravels in between Fr.Isaac offers a beautiful witness to this way of life and more about what it involves. His description of the contemplative life is beautiful and inspiring.


For more about the Abbey of The Genesee, or to inquire about vocation/ to enjoy some time retreating visit site below by clicking on the image.




 Pictured above is the tree that Fr.Isaac planted beside our Lady (mentioned in the interview




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